Exploring HUES in Park Inn Radisson SM Clark

It’s been quite a while since I made my last entry on this blog. We were given an opportunity to go to the bloggers meet up. It was fun since I have seen new and old acquaintances. I would like to thank DOT for inviting us for this small gathering.

Hues is a perfect place to chill and eat out. It can be a perfect place for a date with friends, lover and family.

They also have several menus to choose from.

Here are some of their ala carte menus:

Blackened Chicken- one of their best sellers and my personal favorite

Osso Buco with Gremolatta

Chef’s salad

Surf and Turf

Brownie Mess for Dessert

Also, if you have friends and loved ones who wants to order a feast, Hues also has a banquet on their menu for only Php 2,999. Below are some of the food they have for their banquet:

It has bigger servings for bigger appetites!

For me, the serving of the food and its price point is not so bad at all. I will recommend the Banquet especially if I am with friends or loved ones. For the ala carte, I highly recommend “Blackened Chicken”.

The menus are also kid friendly and it is also friendly for people who are picky when it comes to food.

Will I go back to this place? Definitely yes.

Have you tried HUES? Let me know what you think!

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Make Up Review: Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

Today we are going to review the not-so-new foundation from Wet n Wild. I have heard so many good reviews about this product since it launched. I grabbed it to see it for myself.


The product, Wet n Wild Photofocus foundation says that it is designed to look good in any kind of light. In short, it claims not to have any flashbacks. Wet n Wild released 20 shades of this foundation and I chose light medium. The package is nice. It comes with a glass bottle with a spatula attached in it. Sadly, it does not come with a pump.


You can dub the foundation using a beauty blender or any blender sponge or a brush. It also has a buildable coverage.  I prefer using a blender sponge as it has more natural finish. If you prefer to use a brush, I suggest you use a buffer brush to even out the foundation.


Forgive my brows! This is a first thin layer of the foundation using the blender sponge



It didn’t really cover the blemishes. However, like said it has a buildable coverage and a little concealer goes a long way 🙂

The product takes a little bit of time before it sets. I noticed that the foundation is a bit tacky even when it sets with powder. I used RCMA no color powder to set it. If you have used the foundation without primer, it can last up to 4 hours as long as you have a good setting powder and a setting spray. However, if you have a good primer, it can last longer. Just add a few touch up on the t-zone especially on the nose area.

Now let’s see if the claims are true:


The foundation retails at $5.99 if you are in the States. However, if you are here in the Philippines, it may retails from Php 500-600 depending on the seller. It is not bad for that price as the claims are true in this foundation.

I am not sure if they already available at the retails stores in the mall. I got mine from Dash of Beauty in Nepo Angeles City, Pampanga. You may check their facebook like page here.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know. 🙂

Cafe Expo in San Fernando Pampanga

Are you an anime fan or an otaku by heart? Then, this is the perfect place for you!

Cafe Expo is an anime themed coffee shop near Pampanga Highschool in front of Water District San Fernando Pampanga. It opened few months ago with some selections of coffee and food to choose. It is not bad since it only opened few months ago.

The two owners, Mr. Aldrin Quiambao and Mr. Christian Dizon, came up with this idea since one of them is a coffee lover while the other one is an anime fan.


Photo by Ms. Armela of Pampanga Digital Influencers 

We were given an opportunity to stay for a while and have a taste all their stuff in their menu. This place is not only haven for anime lovers but also for people who loves to chill a little bit and have some games to play if they want to. You heard me right. They have games such as UNO and Bad Dog.

bad dog.jpg

Photo from the Cafe Expo’s on the Facebook Like Page

Before I forget, I would like to thank Ms. Armela of Pampanga Digital Influencers for lending me these pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The place is simply nostalgic especially if you used to watch some animes during your childhood days. When I was a kid, there are few animes that I remember such as Sailormoon, Ghost Fighter, Fushigi Yuugi and other morning as well as afternoon animes I used to watch. That was the kind of vibe I felt during our “tambay” moments.

I also love the fact that their staff are wearing anime costumes and that they are accommodating as well. Food wise, I love their nachos. Their doughnuts are not too sweet and it is also the same thing with the rest of their desserts. Their Matcha Green Tea frappe are also good and it also goes the same with their hot coffees and chocolates. Price-wise, it is just right. They have reasonable price for every item they have on their menu.


With the Pampanga Digital Influencers and the staff of Cafe Expo. Credits to Ms. Armela for this pic. 

What are you waiting for? Come and visit this place to see it for yourself. Also, don’t forget to check their Facebook like page. Please click here.

Till next food trip! Ciao!


Skin Care Review: The Skin Bureau

Disclaimer: I am not a skin care expert and I am just here to tell you my experience in using this product. What might work for me may not work for you.

We were the first group to ever try The Skin Bureau’s Pretty Political Ultimate Facial Set. We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to give this a product a try to see if it will work.

During my twenties, all I care about is on how I will look good with make up. A simple powder, eyebrow, blush and lippies will do for me. It’s a shame to say that I did not really paid much attention to skin care during my younger years.

Fast forward now, I have learned that you should be investing in good skin care products that will definitely work for you. I am in my 30’s. At this age, I still get break outs and signs of aging are slowly building up.

It is nice to know that we have a skin care product that caters our needs. I tried The Skin Bureau’s Pretty Political Ultimate Facial Set for two weeks to see if it is worth the price and the hype.


The Skin Bureau’s Pretty Political Ultimate Facial Set

They have the day and night care routine that are easy to follow.


My personal favorite. President Pretty Soap. 

The soap is my personal favorite since it can immediately clean out all the oiliness and impurities that you had during the day. I love the smell since the scent is not strong and it has a relaxing feel while using it.

For day time, you just need to use the Beauty Queen Toner and the Charming Campaign Day Gel. Voila! You’re good to go!


Beauty Queen Party Day Time Toner

The toner is perfect if you are prepping up for a moisturizer or sunblock especially if you are always on the go. This is also a great pore minimizer.


Charming Campaign Day Gel

I am not really a fan of gel like formulas since I have an oily skin. However, since I noticed micropeeling and dryness during the two-weeks trial, it is good that they have this product. Also, I wish they would come up with matte like day creams someday. 🙂


Gorgeous Allegation Night Toner

I also tried the Gorgeous Allegation Night Toner. If you have excess make up or more dirt/oil in your face during the whole day, this thing is going to be your bff. I rarely put make up nowadays however, since I am always outside doing some errands, this toner has helped remove all the impurities that a soap cannot do.


Cabinet Allure Night Cream

Last is the Cabinet Allure Night Cream. This cream will help to slowly lighten and minimize the blemishes while moisturizing your skin. It is unscented which is perfect for people like me who are asthmatic.


  • During the two- week period, I noticed that my pores were smaller compared before.
  • I noticed micropeeling during the process but they didn’t really sting compared to other products I have used before.
  • The soap is a must have. I keep raving about it because it is so good!
  • The skin care routine is easy since it does not require any “extra” efforts or routines. This is perfect for people especially for women who are always on the go or in a hurry.
  • The smell of the products are mild. Their creams are unscented which I really like.
  • The night toner is a must especially if you are in doubt if all the impurities or excess make ups on your face have been removed.
  • The set helped me to slowly lighten my acne scar.


  • It is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun while the micropeeling is ongoing.
  • I noticed that the day gel is more suitable for people who have dry skin. If you are micropeeling, then this maybe perfect for you. Like I said, I wish they can create matte day creams for people who have oily or combination skin.
  • Depending on your pain tolerance, there might be a sting while the micropeeling is ongoing.
  • I had a slight “butligs or rash on my face” during the micropeeling process. It was also gone after a few days. I guess it is expected once you are micropeeling since I have experienced it before.

All in all Rating?


Just like they said, ” No Politics, Just Results”. The Skin Bureau’s Pretty Political Ultimate Facial Set is now available. For more information about the price as well as some details about the product, please visit their Facebook page. Click here.

Upgrading your make up skills? Five make up schools you may want to check!

Are you an aspiring make up artist and looking for a make up school that will definitely upgrade your skills? You may want to continue reading this for you to be able to choose a make up school that might suit your needs. These schools may help you step up your make up game and turn it into a career.

Personally, these were my choices before I chose a school to attend a make up workshop. Soon, I will blog my simple tips in choosing a make up school.

Here are some of the schools that you can check out for in case you want to pursue your passion for hair and make up artistry:

1. 15665408_10157970487230274_2988115100165134622_nHD MAKE UP AND ACADEMY (Formerly Basement Academy)

They are the first school to offer High Definition Make Up with state of the art lessons and HD products to choose from.

Before they were located at City & Land Mega Plaza in Ortigas but they now moved to

AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, 12th floor. 

They offer High Definition Make Up Courses to Precision Hairstyling. For more details, please click here.

2. 17499404_10154440509192129_6209162990083805152_nCENTER FOR AESTHETIC STUDIES

They offer a wide variety of courses from HD Make Up, Hairstyling up to elective course on managing and marketing your business in the beauty industry.

You may check their courses as well as fees here.

19905268_1351965621539863_1061760791865934777_n3. MAKE UP MADNESS

I have heard lots of positive feedback about this school. Aside from the fact that it is really affordable, they offer a wide variety of make up and hair styling courses.

For more info, you may check their Facebook here. You may also contact Ms. Janet Wen on her Facebook account.


Like other Hair and Make up Schools, MP School Make Up and Artistry also offers courses that might suit you. They also offer practical work experience from fashion shows, television productions up to weddings.

You may check their website here.

They are located in Unit C, Upper Ground Floor, F1 Hotel,

32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City Taguig,

Metro Manila, Philippines 1634

10390463_729006937138235_1557960178241155359_n5.  Make-up Designory Manila
They have make up courses that comprise their curriculum in the US but was broken down into smaller modules (as per project vanity’s blog). What’s good with their certificates? They are recognized internationally.
You may check their like page here.
Till next blog!

Ang Pagbabalik sa Blogging World

Ito ang taon ng aking first time na magblog. Ako ay isang 22 years old na babae at dalaga nung mga oras na yun. Isang call center agent sa isa sa mga BPOs dito sa Pampanga. Noon pa hilig ko na pagmemake up. Syempre balidosa lola niyo! Pak! PERO di tungkol dun ang aking mga contents sa aking blog. Puro HUGOT ang laman ng blog ko. Kung ano ano. Ultimo pagkamatay ni Heath Ledger (Sumalangit nawa si kuya) ay sinulat ko pa at hinugot. FYI: blogger pa gamit ko nun. Hehe!
Na-engganyo ako na magblog dahil nadala ako sa pagboblog ng mga college friends at mga ibang kakilala. Nung mga oras na yun, di pa uso ang mga reviews. More on personal diary ang mga pegs namin noon at yung iba naman short stories o parang “Wattpad” sa panahon natin ngayon. Kaya malabong may make up, lifestyle, food o skin- care write-ups sa mga sinulat ko noon.

Ginawa kong magsulat ng mga oras na yun dahil di pa ata pinapauso ng mga millenials ang hugot eh meron na ata ako nun at di ko lang matawag na hugot at yun pala tawag dun. Nagawang mamatay ng blog ko nung may mga bagay na pinagkaabalahan ko. Nakalimutan ko palang banggitin na nasa six feet under na mga hugot ko. Nailibing na talaga. For good. Ang pagmemake up lang di ko nalimot.

Nine years. Nine years na pananahimik. Updates? 31 years old na ako sa mga oras na ito at matagal pa birthday ko. Kasal at may anak. Madami nagbago at madaming pagbabago. May isa lang ang di nagbago. Ang aking passion sa make up pati na din skin care. Isama mo na pagkain.

Bakit hindi ko pa sinagad ng sampung taon ang pananahimik sa blogging world at pagkatapos ng siyam na tao doon ako nagpasyang magbalik? History repeats itself lang. Naengganyo ulit ng mga newly found friends. Ang Pampanga Digital Influencers. Kaya ito ako, I’m back with vengeance ika nga.

This time, huwag muna tayo humugot bes! That is so 2008 na at so Basha and Popoy lang. Medyo kinilabutan lang naman ako ng slight nung binasa ko mga sinaunang blogs ko. Tama na yun. Mag-iba naman tayo ng chika.

Abangan ang mga susunod na kabanata and Welcome to my blog!